Corporate Visa

South African Corporate Visa

How To Apply for a South African Corporate Visa

A South African corporate visa is required and issued to a corporate applicant who is operating a business in South Africa and wishes to employ foreigners.

This visa is issued by the Director-General of Home Affairs in South Africa. After consultation with the Departments of Labour and Trade and Industry who will determine the maximum number of foreigners to be employed by such corporate applicant.

There are a series of financial and other undertakings required to be fulfilled by a corporate applicant before this visa can be granted.

Each foreigner employed under a South African corporate visa is regarded as a corporate worker and is required to be in possession of an authorisation certificate as proof of employment by that South African corporate visa holder.

The amendments to this visa introduced additional requirements for the individual employees applying under their company’s corporate visa. These include proof of qualifications and membership with a SAQA accredited professional body. The visa is issued for a 3-year period.

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