Australian Visas


An island lying in the heart of the Do you want to work in Australia?

A Work Visa can be applied for from in or outside of Australia, and we can arrange the Bridging Visa as part of the process. You can bring your family and the Work Visa is a pathway to permanent residency (often without waiting two years – ask us how).


Do you want to sponsor a migrant worker?
Whether you are an Australian business or overseas business, if you would like to employ an overseas worker to fill a skilled position in Australia then you should consider a Work Visa (commonly called a TSS -Subclass 482 Visa).

With the Work Visa, you can employ a migrant worker for either up to 2 years or four years depending on whether the occupation is on the short term (STOL) or medium-long term (MITSSL) occupation list. By sponsoring a migrant worker on a Work Visa, you will have security that this employee will be loyal to you for as long as they wish to remain on that Work Visa.
Before you can employ a migrant worker, your business would need to be approved as a Standard Business Sponsor and we can help you with this process.


Do you want to migrate to Australia based on your skill and obtain your permanent residence?
The visa is for skilled workers who are currently in or outside Australia who satisfy the point test.

Processing of applications are by invitation only and an intended applicant must submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) and have a suitable skills assessment for that occupation.

Lodge your visa application (with all the required documentary proof and evidence).


This visa applies to those wishing to study in Australia; and to those wishing to act as the guardian for an overseas student.

Student visas are temporary visas which may lead to a graduate visa and permanent residency through the skilled visa process. Studying in Australia is a stepping stone to residency, and we can help you achieve this.


The Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) (Subclass 188) Visa is for successful business innovators and investors who intend to invest or enter into business in Australia and contribute to the growth of the Australian economy.

The business talent visa allows you to stay in Australia on a permanent basis and includes two streams: namely significant business history and Venture capital Entrepreneur stream.
Significant business history is for business owners who want to have a major management role in a new or existing business in Queensland.
Your must have net business and personal assets of at least AUD $ 1.5 million that are legally acquired and can be transferred to Australia within 2 years after the visa is granted. You must also be younger than 55 years of age.


Do you wish your boyfriend or girlfriend could live with you in Australia for ever?
If your partner is an Australian citizen or a permanent resident, then you may be eligible for a couple visa.
Ask us how to apply. We are also experienced in finalising your divorce with your previous partner so you can sponsor your new partner.
Your partner can be either your fiancé (e), spouse or de-facto partner, and can be of the same sex. It is important to get advice about timing issues and bridging visas so that you do not need to be separated from your partner.


This permanent visa is designed for high calibre business people who are owners or part owners of an overseas business and have a genuine and realistic commitment to participate in the management of a new or existing business in Australia.

You must be sponsored by a state or territory government. This visa is for people from overseas who are less than 55 years old, and their families.

There is however no age limitation if you are willing to invest AUD 5 million into Australia.
You can be in or outside of Australia when you apply and when the visa is decided.


Whether you have children or wish to retire in Australia, there are a range of reasons why you may wish to migrate to Australia later in life.
Parents of Australian citizens or permanent residents have the option of applying for the various Parent visas that are available.
People aged 55+ can also apply for a long stay Visitor visa which allows eligible parents to visit their children in Australia for regular periods of up to 12 months at a time over an extended validity period.

For many families, temporary stay provides greater flexibility without the need to wait in a queue for years for a permanent visa.

Parent Visas

Your children can sponsor you for an Australian visa if more than half your children are Australian permanent residents or citizens.
If that is the case, then you may wish to consider the following visas:
•Contributory Parent (Subclass 143) visa for parents outside Australia; or
•Aged Parent (Subclass 864) visa for parents in Australia.

These visas are permanent residency options, but applicants need to pay a higher visa application charge and assurance of support bond than the non-contributory Parent visa options previously available.


The Distinguished Talent Visa is a permanent residence visa granted to people who have obtained recognition for exceptional achievement in:
A profession
Research or academia
The arts.
If you consider such a Visa may apply to you then contact us for more information.
Entrepreneurs Visa
The Entrepreneur visa is a 4 year visa for people who have investor funding to develop an enterprise or business in Australia.
You need to have an agreement for at least $ 200,000 in funding from one of more of the following sources
Commonwealth agencies; State and territory governments, Publicly funded research organisations and Investors registered as Venture Capital Partnerships or Early Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnerships


A child or stepchild of a parent who holds a temporary partner visa may apply for a Dependent Child Visa (Subclass 445).
If you have relatives in Australia and no other relatives outside of Australia, you may apply for a Remaining Relative Visa – Subclass 115 (Offshore) and 835 (Onshore).
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If your require further information, contact us for all queries pertaining to a South African Corporate Visa.